Welcome to Solnë

Solveig Toft is a Seattle-based Dona Certified Doula, Yoga Teacher, and Pranassage® Practitioner known for her intuitive, gentle nature and her ability to connect with her clients. As a second-generation doula, Solveig has an inherent commitment to serving families as they make the incredible transition into parenthood.  She completed her training through the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University and continues her service as a birth doula at home, birthing center, and hospital births. She whole-heartedly believes in the invaluable physical and mental benefits that having the support of a doula during birth provides for mother, her partner, and baby.

 Solveig has also received her certification as an Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor. She is dedicated to the unique inquiry of every individual's yoga practice and is driven by a passion for the deep awareness and many health benefits that every moment on the mat can offer. Solveig guides her clients to find what is most beneficial for their bodies and helps them attune to the natural wisdom that is inherent within every being.