Pranassage®- Is a one-on-one yoga experience that uses hands-on assists to guide you into a deep state of relaxation. Using gravity and pressure, Solveig will guide you through a flow of various asanas (poses) allowing you to feel the positions from the inside out. The brain-mind mechanism that determines our ability to move is beneath our conscious control, so given the opportunity to passively witness your yoga practice reminds your body of forgotten possibilities for motion and action that provide balance and relief throughout every part of your being.   When we slow down to watch and feel our bodies move this way without exerting effort, the movement patterning mechanism becomes reeducated and neurologically reorganizes to replace inefficient patterns with harmonious and efficient movements.

Pranassage® is available to everyone.  Whether you've been practicing for years or you're brand new to yoga, each session is tailored to your specific needs and your level of yoga experience and will take your practice to new depths. 

            Fees: 60 min = $85

                      90 min= $120